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Marcus Sherman shared this feedback 22 months ago

Hey SE team! Ive been playing Space Engineers for a few weeks now and am loving it! I do however have a few thoughts on some content i feel would be right at home in SE and im excited to share my thoughts with you.

Idea one: Torpedoes! In combat, a torpedo can make or break you. This is more true then ever in space and would surely add another level of complexity and strategy to interstellar combat. Currently a ships cannons can target missiles however I think that while both canons and missile launchers are fantastic weapons, I also think that adding torpedoes would be a smart move and would be loved by the entire SE community. As far as the mechanics of the torpedo are concerned, if you want to use torpedo your ship should have to be equipped with a guidance system. said guidance system should have a limited range of 1000m standard with 1500m max. The torpedo should be substantially larger then the missile and weigh more as to balance it out. Torpedoes should have to be stored in a torpedo bay but could also be attached to the hull at the expense of easy reload-ability.

Large Grid Canons: I feel like having a machine gun on your larger ships could be beneficial in many ways! don't get me wrong i love being able to fire missiles but also having access to a canon would make life so much easier!

Extendable docking port: At this moment the only way to make an extendable docking port is by using a piston but when fully extended and docked pistons jiggle around and explode. I was thinking something maybe like a tube that can expand outward a couple meters to make an air tight seal between two ships. This would be useful for both ships and stations alike.

Fleet control: Recently I was transporting some goods between two planets when i was attacked by some other players and because of how out numbered I was i lost my cargo. I was thinking of what may help with this and then it came to me, Remote guidance systems! I am picturing the ability to take a ship and get it to follow another ship. at the moment you can only select destinations using coordinates, but Being able to get ships to follow each other would be so much more helpful.

I love the game and believe that you guys are doing a great job, Keep up the amazing work!

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