Build Block Recents Menu Lock

Landen Wachholtz shared this bug 2 years ago

When you go into the building blocks menu, and select whichever part you want to use "say square armor block" then place it, the select a new block to place "any type" and build it etc. Then when you go back to your original block "square armor block" it won't let you toggle through the sub menu. As in when you hit the up d-pad to say go from square to ramp/triangle it won't let you. If you've selected the original block from the recents tab. This is probably the only bug I have a problem with.. as it takes for ever if I have to consistently go to the end menu to select blocks over and over... Please help lol, it's frustrating. Love you guys, love the game.. if I had a million $$$ you guys could have it😊

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