Allow Positioning Pastes With Drag-and-Drop Arrows (Or With Objectivly Equivalent Means)

Alex Krueger shared this feedback 2 years ago

The current way to paste objects is fast with little hassle, and this great for most situations. Unfortunately, when an object is large enough or room for error small enough, then pasting is a gamble as you risk unintentionally pasting into a ship, wall, or floor. If there was an opportunity to look around before committing a paste, then we could avoid some headaches because we're able to see where each portion of the paste will end up -- making moves as needed.

Now my idea to accomplish this is to use drag-and-drop arrows along each axis (x, y, z) and mabey 3 curved arrows to adjust the rotation. An individual could switch the mode of pasting from the classic mode via d-pad button and back with the same button (mode toggle).

If you feel there's a better way to accomplish this, please share your ideas by commenting or contributing to other people's ideas. Hopefully we can find something everybody likes that either the developers could implement or serve as inspiration to for their version (if they decide to work on it).

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