Add Water To The Game PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS shared this feedback 3 years ago

so i was asking some people about it and they too agreed that water would be epic game moment, also if its added in then you could build submarines, also consider adding a planet made entirely up of liquid water that would be EPIC also, if you could have it so the water is in when pressurized and have it like space. heres how i think you could acomplish it: number 1, add a surface texture of the water, maybe have like a wave effect or something, number 2 have a structure when sealed and pressurized once have no water effects and have the part of the code that applies underwater affects be cancelled in a pressurized environment, number 3 add 3 new blocks, 1: an bulkhead and or a hatch block, 2: add an underwater thruster 3: add in a vent or something so you can make airlocks underwater. also on a side note you could also make it slowly flood the room when the interior of a submereged ship. on another side note have the top of the water be like a trigger zone for this code to activate and when the code is active apply water sounds, have it be like space where it consumes oxygen to be underwater and make it have lower gravity than normal, also you could add an fog effect like water in most watery games (like Subnautica) also you could add balasts and boyancy, but make sure to make boyancy blocks lift like 200000 pounds each. anyways that concludes my presentation on adding water to the game

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