Add FX (i.e. Stage Fog, Flames, Explosions, ETC.)

Alex Krueger shared this feedback 2 years ago

I think creations could have more spice if a form of player controled FX was added. As an example, let's say a player was building a horror themed station, then a stage fog FX set to fill the whole floor. It might be a nice touch for a dark frosted cryo room (frosted via paint?) where the presence of forcefully broken cryo pods and a moving faint footless sound of animalistic clicks are the only hints of the danger cloaked beneath knee high fog (FX).

The fastest implementation route I can think of is to start with filters and use the projector block.

--- Other FX Ideas ---

- Fire (20m high roaring flames for ramps, embers, ash?)

- Lightning

- Dust

- Explosions (...all)

- Distortions Screen (FOV?, fish eye lense, pinch)

- Distortions Space (rift, worm hole, waves)

- Blurs (radial blur)

- Light Rays (uses: give windows a cathedral effect, Excalibur knock-offs, light bridge?)

- Filters (values 0 to 1: black & white, sepia, sketch, invert)

- Rainbow Trail (faster equals longer)

- Noise

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