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READ PLEAS Space engineers on Xbox

Andrew Grosze shared this feedback 3 months ago
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So heres what space engineers is like on xbox.

You get the game and are really exited to build and create massive and cool ships and play with your "friends" but really the player base for the game is so small like unbelievably small that now one even knows the game exists and you are pretty much playing a solo only game the entire time unless you find someone which would be a miracle or convince your friends to get it. But anyway you learn all of the starting buttons like getting basic tools out or crouch and jump but you learn all of these basic of basic controles that nobody care about and most of them already know about them because there just the regular controls, but I don't care about that. I'm going to get this out of the way that I haven't done all the story things I've started the thing were you have to get a outpost restored on a asteroid and and the thing "First jump" or something like that and thats it but know one is going to just willingly do all like the five others because like I said they want to build massive cool ships and bases. But you don't even teach them how to build, paint, change grid size, what to mine and what to even do to start your survival experience. Litteraly it blew me away that you guys didn't think to say "Hey you need power to operate a base and the best way to do that at the start is wind turbines or solar panels." Like no ones going to know how to start or what to do thats why they drop the game for a couple months or years even. Because they don't know what to do like at all. They know they can mine and also you don't even tell them that you can press left trigger and create a larger hole but not get any ores from it and that you can right trigger to dig smaller holes but get ores from it. Like why even have it in the game if people don't even know it exists. But this is coming from an Xbox player not your beloved pc players. I say that because you decided to release a game that was made for pc onto xbox which im fine with because I've always wanted the game and so I got it early access. But you didn't take the time to change the the setting where in the settings menu and in the control area for Xbox there isn't any Xbox controls on key board 1 and key board 2 controls. So when you go to change settings for you buttons you can't and when you go to see what a button is you can't because you guys didn't even put that in.

Also the main reason Im writing this is that i've finally powered my base after learning how on my own and i've finished building my first ship, a miner but I can't even power the darn thing because you don't let small grid blocks and large grid blocks connect! But on pc you can put a large armor plate and a small light armor plate beside each other connected but on xbox if you take a small grid block and put it connected to a large grid block thats already placed of course. The small grid block changes to a large grid blocks and theres nothing you can do. You guys have just not allowed it but becaues you guys took time for pc players and or key board and mouse players but that play on xbox they just connect a key board and mouse to it. See this is why your game im gonna say it, it SUCKS to play with a controler because you guys didn't think to changer your setting menu and then controler area to make it to where it shows the xbox controls and keyboard and mouse controls but no you guys didn't think of that. Also I've finally learned and started to get better and know how to start and play the game but i've just completed my own first ship a miner but I can't charge the batteries because I can't get a large grid connector on a fully small grid ship so I can't connect to the power supply and can't charge my ship so it have zero power and theres litteraly know way to charge it so you guys have officaly screwed me over every controler player in your game and this is the end of my feed back hoped it opened some eyes because your game needs major renovation if its going to work on xbox thanks for reading the whole way through.(Sorry it was sooooo long)

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