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Small Grid Overhaul

Tony Smith shared this feedback 19 months ago
Not Enough Votes

Lately, I've been getting more so into building small grid ships and rovers, but run into wall after wall of inability. Want to make a bed? Sorry, can't. Want to have a nice couch? Nope. Indoor turrets? Nada. Tiny little jumpdrive? Nope. Any from of gravity? Nah, can't do that. Refining and assembling? Have something to poop out scraps, have fun building a single light armor block for the next two minutes.

I want to be able to create a worthwhile ship, but all this lack of ability is kind of dampening me "Need to create". I sincerely hope Keen gets back onto the rails and starts focusing on the needs, and ease off of the detailing addiction. They're becoming big company-esk, and that's not a good thing.

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