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Better admin controls

Kyle Oakeson shared this feedback 19 months ago
Not Enough Votes

I've ran a nitrado and now a gportal server for Xbox play. I've even used the server assistant app, but as a server owner/admin, I find SE's admin controls lacking.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Allow banning players who aren't on the server. Trolls are a major security risk in this game.

2. Allow the control over each individual player's (or faction) tech tree(what blocks they can build and/or what items they can assemble). This can really help with scenario and role play games by constraining people to specialize and trade/interact with other players for things they need. It can also fix the problem with the economy in this game (over people can build a mine and get everything, why trade?)

3. Outside of admin controls, but on the server controls, it would be nice to set the base ratios obtained from refining stone. One of the jobs of an admin is to ensure the server stays fun, and if there is no incentive to seek out new ore deposits because you can just mine stone for all your needs why bother intact with other players?

4. It would be nice to not have to cycle through objects or stream them before deleting them. If the server is overloaded and you have warned a player not to build a klangy object, you shouldn't have to stream said object before removing it from the game.

5. Along with#1, you should be able to credit a person's space credit bank account while they aren't online.

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