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Better/More accurate power readouts and power managment

Roger Nelson shared this feedback 8 months ago
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At the moment, we can see how much power/hydrogen we have left in our builds, but theres a problem. Its very vague.

As it is, to see how much Hydrogen there is, theres two options.

1, The Hydrogen metre on the left of the UI

2, Individually selecting each Hydrogen tank in the control panel.

However, Theres actually only one way of seeing the actual amount of power you have stored, compared to what you have available.

The power readout on the UI only shows how much power is being used as %, and the total time it takes to deplete stored power.

The only way of seeing the actual amount of stored power/power produced(in MWh) is by selecting either a reactor or one of the many batteries.

What we need is a better power readout on the UI so its a bit more informative.

Another option is to use a similar script to what the Hydrogen display uses for LCDs.

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