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Missiles Need A Boost, Hear Me Out.

Tony Smith shared this feedback 23 months ago
Not Enough Votes

Although a few people do still use them, with the new warfare weapons out, vanilla missiles have been nerfed into uselessness by artillery and assault turrets. If the static blocks could have a homing ability added into their missiles, I feel like that one singular change could drastically upgrade the battlefield tenfold alone, bringing them back to life!

Later additions could include things like; fragmentation, napalm, high velocity, extreme yield, stealth, extra maneuverability, cluster release, timed detonation, et cetera.

And even types of launchers and sizes! Small grid small block, small grid large block, large grid small block, and large grid large block! Armored flaps for cinematic animation, exhaust ports, all at a time, or one after another!

Please actually consider it, despite the amount of support this gets. 💕

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