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Custom Weapon Groups

Evilrobdog shared this feedback 20 months ago
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From what I can see this idea hasn't been talked about for a while but I think it's all good more important especially if you want to think about multiplayer.

I.e. let's say you've built a fighter or bomber and it's 2 Pilots main pilot and CoPilot let's see the main pilot has a custom group of guns set forward and the CoPilot has a custom designed independent turret from my experience on Xbox (this experience has been a little while now so maybe it is changed) but what it used to be was you could only set it up to fire continuously, once or all guns of that type Fire by trigger unless set into custom groups that turn off the guns when not wanting to use them however that's not real well for multiplayer.

All I think is for Xbox that should be that you have the ability to create custom trigger controlled weapon groups because these groups would probably be exclusively the same kind of weapon in one group but you'd be able to control groups of turrets separately without wasting ammo or causing unwanted destruction from active weapons an all controlled by trigger.

I'm not sure I've explained this very well or even if this isn't a problem anymore I'm kind of holding out until the next DLC comes out very soon or maybe even that gets covered in the new DLC.

The only other thing I can think about wanting is some kind of way of controlling solar panels to make them face the sun.

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry for it being so long.

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