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Without planets, no NPC stations in center of map

fabricator77 shared this feedback 3 years ago

If a map is missing one or more planets, either due to be a custom map, or Asteroids only map, there are no NPC stations spawned where the planet would have been.

This is due to the Outposts and Orbital Stations not spawning without a planet/moon. Being the easy to get to stations, this leaves a big hole in the central part of the map,

For example I have a "Custom World" that is "Star System" with all the planets/moons deleted except Europa. The SPRT faction have one planet base, and one orbital base on Europa, the next nearest station is 28,000km from 0,0,0 (default space spawn coords)

Possible solutions to fixing it:

1. Make alternative station locations for each planet, if it's not there.


2. Spawn Orbital Stations even if the planet is missing, These stations would not look out of place in empty space.

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Spawning of space stations is random. There is not any check if there was planet or not.

Thanks for feedback


Start on a planet, nearest NPC base is up to 50km away.

Start in space, nearest NPC base is up to 10,000km away.

You think Space only worlds should make visiting your first NPC station into an "end game" goal ?!? Crazy.


How many worlds have you made? Because as they said before its random so maybe you got really unlucky with this particular world. Also, in space you have access to uranium really early on and there is no gravity present which makes long distance travel a lot easier than on planets.

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