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Wind turbine on europa great output in no atmosphere

Puruska37 shared this bug 3 years ago
Not a Bug

I made the wind turbine just to unlock some block and I found it it was producing energy why I get no )2 and 25% gravity, we hardly have any wind in those condition :) I saw video where some other player were not getting wind on europa not sure why it did in my game.

My game was my own create in star system, in friend mode.

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from wikipedia about Europa:

Observations with the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph of the Hubble Space Telescope, first described in 1995, revealed that Europa has a thin atmosphere composed mostly of molecular oxygen (O2).[101][102] The surface pressure of Europa's atmosphere is 0.1 μPa, or 10−12 times that of the Earth.

Just to say with that pressure wind turbine would have a hard time to move at all.

There is so much ice there that hydrogen engine could be the main initial power.


Atmospheric Thruster also work on Europa, I used both on the Keen #5 Testserver. And only because there is no O2 doesn't mean there ist no atmosphere.

And please don't argue with real physics, because then I don't know where to start, it's a game.


Working as intended. SE Europa has always had an atmosphere strong enough to run atmo engines at full power.

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