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wierd grid naming and remote control failing

Usurpine Susanti shared this bug 2 years ago

1. If i put antenna and remote on a grid it is possible to use terminal or control the grid over radio, if you are in range.

2. with k and info you can rename a grid.

On testservice this does not work right. It works sometimes.

I have a big gridship and added small ship on it, one is merged with a rotor and a small head and other small grid ships are docked.

On the big grid i have antenna and big remote controller. Terminal over head antenna works, but not control. But it should work.

So i hacked the remote and then it works one time. After release i cannot remote control it again. But i can hack the remote again and then control works again.

Also renaming the grid seems to work, but the name doesnt show up in the grid list for remote controlling.

There seems to be something wrong with it. I just dont know exactly what is going on, but i know how it should work and on testserver this should be investigated, because imho there is a bug.

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The remote control is no bug, i think i messed with remote options where i made remote is main control and i still have not fully understand this game mechanic, i am working on that.

Just the renaming of the grid is not working. And this confuses me not having the right name in the list on top.



Thanks for the report.

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