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Weather Particle collisions (1.194 Public Test)

Stollie shared this bug 3 years ago

Hey guys,

Weather is looking great, however something I've noticed. The particle collisions on glass are pretty bad, resulting in 'weather' appearing inside sealed oxygen tight grids, if I replace the windows with armor blocks it still happens, just to a lesser degree -

The particle collisions inside caves are also a problem falling through impassable terrain -

Just to be clear this is not FOG im talking about this is the falling debris, I've made several particles using the modding tools I know about the different particle generators and how to set fog separately.

A while back I decided to try and add weather to SE and I attempted to use the in-built particle system and found that the collision detection had some serious problems catching all the particles.

It seems very tempremental about what to kill and what to let through when 100% of the particles shouldn't be penetrating.

After some fairly extensive testing with different settings I found there was no way to make it 'better' so I ended up getting help from some other SE coding modders and prototyped some new collision detection which worked flawlessly on grids, however it was crippling on simpeed against voxels by using anything other than get closest surface point.

I believe your current implementation is using the original system I'm talking about as it was the same issues I struggled with. Something in the particle collision code isn't functioning correctly, it catches the majority but lets through others.

I dont have the complete class I wrote for detections handy due to a computer format. However, if you look inside DarkStars weaponcore its based on that work which is highly optimised for grid and voxel detection and is further ahead than the work I did in September last year anyway.

P.S. If I recall correctly when I was writing collisions for windows we had issues with the bounding boxes and had to use a different calculation for them specifically. Fatblock vs Slimblock I think?

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Whoops realised I put up two grid interior videos. It's easy enough to test the voxels though, just use a voxel hand to make a quick cave and you'll see them coming through the voxel 'roof' above your head :)


Fixed in upcoming version.


I don't think this is fixed.

Particles are still showing up underground, I'm watching a Captain Shack stream playing Frostbite scenario right now where he's deep underground and its snowing inside.

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