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Unable to weld enemy hacked block back to functional

Stardruid shared this bug 3 years ago

Notice during the play test after I found a pirate mayday that while I'm able to grind pirate blocks down to hack them I was unable to weld them back to a functional state. This happened even with armor blocks. After a while when I tried again some block I could weld back up just fine. Using a ship welder made it possible to get past this. Not sure if it's a owner ship issue or some other bug, but did check later once i could access the ship that they were showing that I had ownership of the effected blocks.

Edit: Forgot to mention that most of the blocks had already been unlock by me at the time, and I wasn't get the unknown Technology error. I was able to weld them, but not past the functional mark.

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thanks for report


I first saw this posted in 2019, but it's still an issue in 2021 even on the official servers.

In normal gameplay, if you encounter a pirate ship sometimes you can't hack the blocks (grind down and weld past functional).

Now, this also sometimes happens with repair contracts and you are unable to finish.

A server restart generally fixes the issue - but it's a bit of a problem to restart every time you have the issue, and sometimes you have to fail the contracts by waiting for a restart.

This only seemed to start happening around the same time period that the new campaigns, scripting, and scenarios came out for me. I'm not sure the exact time progression was added though or that would seem plausible as a cause.


I have never had this issue Till today. I was playing on a server with 0 mods, None Experimental as Vanilla as you can get and the issue happen with the Cargo ship. I looked into it and I have seen other reports with the Cargo Ship so that may be a place to start? But good news You do not need a complex Environment to Replicate, in our case its just a dedicated server with default settings (That was on purpose) On Earth Easy start.

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