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turrets shoot @ ghost targets

Mike shared this bug 3 years ago

While playing "never surrender" i noticed that turrets sometimes keep shooting somewhere even if there is no target. Switching them off/on makes them go back to idle again.

To be more precise, i have a ship with about 20 turrets in different directions. They're all quite busy as soon as the wave of drones arrive. I noticed that some of the gattling turrets kept shooting even if there was no signal anymore. So i went into the direction where the drones where shooting, but there was nothing. So i tried switching them off and on and that solved the problem.

Thats a nasty bug, because if i leave them alone, while gathering resources they waste a lot of ammo for no reason.

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I have the same bug. Survival mother-ship with 26 Gats and another 40 interior turrets for point defense (missiles only). These turrets continue to fire after nearly every engagement/when I log on (server world with pause when logged off, small pop and I'm usually on first). Cycling the turrets off/on works to stop the effect but it can be irritating since it can shoot other grids, and wastes ammo. It's made unbearable by the fact that the audio and visual fire cues are not displayed, meaning I usually find the issue by flying in front of the invisible bullet stream, finding a hole in my spaceport, or finding my ships ammo reserves depleted. I've gotten in a habit of cycling the guns when I get on/after every fight, and that is the only reason the world is still playable.

To clarify, this happened this morning (7/13/2019) and both my personal server version and my game version are up to date. This problem IS NOT SOLVED.

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