Support Cages/Roll cages with flat sheets over them

Andrew D Cook shared this feedback 8 months ago
Under Consideration

Ok soI make very small ships an example of which is:

Theseships function ok but they do let all the inner workings show as they cannotget too big in survival mode. To make them look a bit better and morerealistic, it would be nice to have a support cage like roll cages in cars thatcan be built on small ships after they have been completed, that fit snugly(about a 8th of a small block width) around the ship. They would obviously notcover armour, drills engines, cockpits, etc. but simply go round them. I wouldthen suggest the play can build a sheet over the top to cover the shipsinternals that would otherwise be open to the world or space, like it would bein real life. I think this would look a lot better but I do not know how hardthis would be to do.

Youcould even have three thicknesses for the sheet, Aesthetic, medium armour andheavy armour, which could be slightly different weights and thicknesses accordingly.

Pleasecan you consider this as an addition to the game?



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Thanks for the feedback