Sliding block that allows for an airtight seal to be made

Andrew D Cook shared this feedback 5 months ago
Under Consideration

In my survival game that I amplaying currently I have created a larger hanger with a bay door made out ofpistons, light armour blocks, blast doors and Airtight Hangar Doors, both onthe ground and the roof so they pincer together. This allows for a much largerdoor and is all controlled by programmable blocks.

This all works very well but it does not allow for an airtightseal and as a result I would like to see a block that will slide along normalarmour blocks, while being moved by a piston, but form an airtight seal, whenthey are stopped if they are next one of the other blocks in game.

I do not have a video specifically of the doors but you can seethem in action at the end of the second video for one of my ships and the linkis below:

I think many people would find this a useful addition to thegame so please consider this for addition into the game?

Thank You


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