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Shift+F11 Game Crash after using player trade feature

Engi shared this bug 6 months ago

Press Shift+F11 to open the debug screen. Stand close to a player and press F3. Select their name and click trade. Complete a trade. When you are finished with the trade screen and are back in regular mode you will notice the debug screen yellow text is gone. Press Shift+F11 again and you will crash to desktop.

Shift+F11 menus have very useful information in them for advanced players who know what to look for. Please address.

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Reconnecting to the server with F5 or with a server restart does not fix the problem. Game will crash if you press Shift+F11 again. You have to exit the game entirely to "clear" it so that you can press Shift+F11 again.

This is on Keen public servers. I have tested it on NA#1 through 3.

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