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[SE Public Test BUG] 01-196-002 - Station H2 and O2 stop working after disconnecting ship

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 2 years ago

Hi Kenn Team!

I have loaded a not so old world created before the Public test and noticed that the Depressurize ON/OFF on my airlocks, Station Cockpit and Medical Room stop providing O2/H2 after I disconnect my small ship from the station.

Reproducibility : Always in the provided world (link below)


1 - Load the provided world (friends mode) where 2 Stations are available on the Earth Moon.

2 - Disconnect the small ship from the stations.

3 - Try the Airlock access, the Medical Room and cockpit on the station.

4 - Notice that the "Depressurize ON/OFF" will stop working and you can't refill the O2/H2 in your suit from Station Cockpit and Medical Room.

The Workshop world link :

Additional information : All back to normal if you keep the small ship connected or save and reload the world.

Images showing Steps provided on LCDs in the world (above link) :

1 - Try the Airlock access, the Medical Room and cockpit on the station :


2 - Notice the Depressurize ON/OFF stop working after you disconnect the small ship :


3 - Can't refill character suit at Medical Room :


4 - Can't refill character suit from station cockpit :


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Thanks for the report


Similar O2 and H2 issue. Was at my asteroid base. The ship I arrived in was not connected to the grid after it had unloaded some ore (no other ships at base). I went to the medical bay that's not connected to the other inventory system to refill energy, H2 and O2. Only the energy refilled. I then went to a cryotube attached to the O2/H2 generator and medical bay and could only refill O2. I then went to the free floating ship's cockpit and could replenish the H2. This happened 2-3 times over the next half hour then magically everything started working the way they were intended. If this had been somewhere I did not have some redundancy then RIP.

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