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Reputation - low or extremely low reputation has no effect

Udrakan Morturim shared this bug 2 years ago
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Hi, I went to a station and tested getting as low reputation as possible. The station still lets me interact, trade and accept contracts. It wont let me lock the connector though.

STR: Decrease reputation with a faction to below -500. Try to interact with them.

Expected behaviour: You cannot interact, trade or get contracts from the faction station.

Observed behaviour: You CAN interact, trade and get contracts from the faction station.

Im taking expected behaviour from the mouse popup when you aim at reputation with the faction. I tried -502 (in the video file below) and -1500, same result. I tried relogging. Server was restardted, no effect taken.

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Thanks for the report


Were you in a faction? Mainly in faction that was created when founder was neutral with mentioned NPC faction?