Remote Control update issues

peter shared this bug 3 years ago
  • Issues with speed not being achieved
  • Remote not sure witch way to go
  • Total loss of vehicle control either with it on or off
  • Not being able to park

All since update has gone live

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I'm sorry can you be more specific what is the issue? Was is Sparks of the future update? Speed not being achieved means? Not sure which way to go? Able to park?



the remote on the ship when going up just circled and did not go to waypoint, i was trying to get it to park in space at a station and when leaving one time the thrusters become in-active even though there was plenty of power and fuel, tried to get it to maintain its position and the dampeners wold not lock, even though they were showing to be on, i had to delete the ship in the end as it became uncontrolable.


ok, Thanks for the info.

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