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Red damage effect stuck on screen

Space Dozer shared this bug 2 years ago

Eu test server

Sitting in a large grid control chair and getting damage. The red effect stuck.

Tested with every sitting option. (toilets, chairs, couches, control stations, cockpits, etc) its the same.

Building small cockpits (just the cockpit nothing else) did not had this problem.

Also tested it with large cockpits that was not attached to the ship. They did not produce the problem. Building a few block ship, or station attached to an asteroid, powered or unpowered (with 1 solar panel) did not produce this bug.

Getting damage was done by opening the helmet without air. (i was in space and ship is not pressurized). The ship is relatively big (4 million kg) but i had this problem with around half the size.

It only works in TPS viewpoint. (seeing the outside of the ship) if i just in fps mode at the control chair then no problem. If moving around the camera pushes the viewpoint back to fps then the stuck effect is gone. Changing back the viewpoint into fps also fixes it.

Tried it in sapce suit but was unable to reproduce it.

Looks like only works with tps view and on more than a few block large grids.

Asked around, others met this bug also.

(in the screenshot the control chair is connected to the large ship)

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Catched this bug earlier. 1.196.000.



Thanks for the report.

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