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[Public test] Rotor displacement and negative value

Mad-Catcher shared this bug 3 years ago


After tests this bug only concern the small basic rotor. Between 0 and 11cm, the rotor has no problem. Below 0cm, it starts to bend itself and, connected to any ship, make it "dancing".

Any gamemode, no mod, no script, minimal build. Happened after latest public test update.

SE appdata folder removed, verifying game files integrity, same result.

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I'll leave some of my own observations, I hope will help clarify

As I fitted deployable wings years ago on a ship, at the time they worked fine-ish set at max displacement 11cm, but now it needs a lot of loob ;) oh the grinding...

I think it's also catching the half blocks opposing the rotor and wing (blocks), and small beacon block has a larger hitbox too.

Some poor workers will have to go through all the small collision hit boxes to make sure they are not bigger than the models.

Rotor Displacement set at 11 cm has collisions.

Rotor Displacement set at 10.4 or less to 10.6 cm will jam.

Please FIX SMALL BLOCK collision distances.

Thank you

Kind Regards


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