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Public test Feed back: NPC Safe Zones and Ideas

Keiron Batty shared this feedback 2 years ago

while i haven't played it myself but watched multiple Steams and VODs

Stations (NPC / Admin Created)

I don't know if its Intentional or not but with NPC Safe Zones that rely on solor power, its possible to park another large grid over or arround to block the sun light.

This in turn Depowers NPC station along with its Safe Zone, making it possible for a normal player to completely Bypass / Remove Protections. ( cut, Block or drain, (by keeping battery/ reactor powered grids loaded,) a grids power supply and all Safe Zones features fail in short time)

to combat this and provide more world customization and support for Modders / admins. There should be a way to Tag a grid as "Always Powered" and or as "doesn't need Zone Chips, power or Fuel." Natural Spawning Stations should spawn with this set as well by default.

this should be Toggable in world setting, if playing Single player or via the Server settings, with the Admin menu able to toggle this on the fly foy any grids

Haulage Contracts (and realistic RP)

while its great giving a player a package that fits in their inventory to transport.

i feel it would be better to provide a range of things to transport

1) - a small Package (as seen in public test)

2) - different sizes of shipping pallet-esque movable block(s) that shows the tranported goods.

eg a like a container but movible. this would also make it possible for other players to steal / use goods for their own goals. with the contactor either taking a mission Failure or having to replace said Items.

it would make having the correct ship design play into what can or can not be hauled and what can or can not be moved on to a ship by hand, instead relying on players having a way to Load or unload either by a shall ship lifting or driving it on or off.

3) as with no.2 it should just be limited to packages, crates, pallets or shiping containers. it should also maybe include actual ships that need delivering. again this would make haing the correct type of ship a neccestary

- Package: A simple Character inventory

- A crate / Pallet,(more than a Charcter inventory): A ship that can safely carry it and or an loading / unloading craft.

- Small Ship(s): A Carrier Ship, eg a ship that can hold and transport multiple small vessels.

- Large ship: Actually having fly a Whole ship to a Designation. which would mean characters would have to plan how they would also get back etc..

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NPC stations don't use Safe Zone block and on top of that they have unlimited power, gas, ammo etc. So there is no way how player could turn off Safe Zone of NPC Station.

Ad) Hauling contract

We don't plan to do changes of this type.

Thanks for feedback


i think save zones are limiting the game and you could make drfense systems like drones thta arive if you attack or grief the station it would be better as a save zone always