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public test EU, battery drain unlogic and error charge.

Full Name shared this bug 15 months ago

base name on Earth, E Base.

battery in base input power 975 kW, output power 570 kW,

info in controll panel is Recharging,

but battery is in real Discharging !

on base is 5 wind turbines in Good, base is simple, only works basic refinerry.

on base is connected small ship E Ship, with 3 battery and all write In 330, out 175.

when I disconnect ship, 3 battery write out 59 kW, and base battery write 350 kW out.

This is in all way unlogic, and plus bug with base battery.

Plus, when I fly with this ship, small atmo drain this battery, interest fast.

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Thanks for the report.

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