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Public Test 3/3/2020 - SE

Keiron Batty shared this feedback 19 months ago
Under Consideration

A few changes i would recommend going forward...

1) Add a way to suppress (hide) the Tooltips popups (on the right side of the screen)

(Please it's annoying for us seasoned players)

2) the new extra small ships Hydrogen tank would be a bit logical if it was the same shape as the small hydrogen Engine.

3) add a small varient of the o2 Tank in the same shape of the small Hydrogen Engine.

i also messed about with the weather a bit. it looks Pretty good so far. however it introduced stablility issues.

None test related stuff

1) i would love a way to make airtight airlock between two grids, without having to merge said grids.

2) Block wise, i like to see a full block varient of the Airvent and maybe a 2x1 Airvent that could sit between two sliding doors so that airlocks could be condensed into a 1x2x3 grid space.

3) we have an O2 farm. what about an H2 farm. while it should probably the hardest possible to unlock in the progression tree

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Thanks for the feedback