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[Public Survival Test] Change Blocks 1st component to Girders

Geneticus0 shared this feedback 4 years ago

Almost all.....


  • Rename Girders to Steel Bar or Steel Stock. - Girders are Horizontal by definition. There is no horizontal in space.
  • Most blocks 1st build state model looks like it is made from steel bar which is what girders look like.
  • Girders are smaller and lighter per component, making it many times easier to have a single starting point for every block instead of now, where we need at least 3 starter components (Steel Plate, Interior Plate (also steel), and Girders( I think on 1 or 2 blocks).
  • Players could fill their inventory with Girders and lay out the framework for an entire base without making lots of return trips half filled with one component and out of another.


Block health would need rebalanced (not really that hard). Take a plate or two off at the beginning and replace it with an equivalent number of Steel Bars (Girders).

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If they really wanted to keep things simple, and easier for them, all they'd have to do is add 1 girder to the start of all recipe's, and not touch anything else. 1 girder is super cheap, so it wouldn't even mess with balance. While yes we'd hope they would put in more effort than just 1 girder, I would still be find with such a simple change.

Though it might be ideal to have it add atleast 1 girder to the start of all modded block by default too. I know their are many mods out there that havn't been updated in years yet still work just fine which would never get updated on their own.

As it stand's to make sure you're able to build any block, you need to carry a stock of Steel Plates, Interior Plates, Construction Components, and Girders. Sure doesn't sound too bad for those of us who play with 10x inventory, but damn, those who play realistic get screwed over, even if their using one of the nanobot mods.


Totally agree with this suggestion!

It's right, girder is not being used correctly here, steel bar fits perfectly. It could also be structural steel I guess.

Now making it the base component of every block, that is genius! Being able to easily lay the frame of entire grids would feel way more natural. It would give a construction site vibe to the whole thing and make it easier to figure out where you're heading and what you'll need. The kind of detail that improves the whole experience.

In my opinion, it never made sense to have plates as a starting component anyway. The plates should be the last part added to any block and I don't see any blocks that should be made only of plates with no structures. They all have structural elements that could simply be described as steel bars weilded together. I never understood why light armor does have a structural look while incomplete, with the plates only visible once complete while being 100% made of plates. Replacing one of the plates by steel bars would be more logical.

I hope this get's changed :)


Hello, Engineers!

We currently don't have any plans to implement this into the game.

We appreciate your suggestion though.


The Space Engineers Team


It makes sense to use girders for mostly everything ...


Some modeler willing to do that.I'm sure it will be a default mod for any surviving server.


from the sounds of it, this mod is essentially what you want...


Where did you see mod request anywhere in my OP? 🤦‍♂

Besides, if I wanted to use a mod for it, I’d load mine which has already done it for about 4 years now...

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