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Guys, plz make a separate module for extracting resources on the planet. Leave the drill for space ), on the planets it would be better to have a bucket, or something like that. Mining Driving machine, something that will allow you to go deeper into the depth at an angle, without lagging pistons and rotors) AND NATURALLY without atmospheric engines! My blood comes from my eyes when I see a miner with large atmospheric engines from all sides.

A miner on wheels can successfully complete the task of extracting resources from stones on the surface, but when you need to raise resources from a depth ..... Flying miner are always in priority(20 ton jet engine in a tunnel ... OMG).

Some kind of separate module, such as a manipulator arm with a large degree of freedom, would allow creating careers and tunels similar to analogues in real life. It seems to me that this would take the game on the planet to a completely different level, at the moment we have only difficulties, It is much easier to start in space because there is no gravity and building huge mining prodigies is not difficult, ... there is no motivation to drill on the planets.

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