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ore respawn consequence in economy update

Puruska37 shared this feedback 4 years ago


I play on keen public server often.

I left the idea of building a base since survival update because of player respawn distance settings just made it impossible. It made it to easy to find it for other players since, but with new safe zone will be somehow fix this issue.

So I have my main explorer/industrial ship harvesting ore, refining building more component and jumping far away randomly before log out. until I have more than needed, so economy will indeed give a reason to do all this extra production to change it in SC and get your personal safe zone keep going.

The issue:

In the state of current ore respawn, in asteroid at least, once I find 1 good spot for each of ore I'm done exploring and day to day I'll go eat them again base on my need.

I understand this was made to reset voxel and save the server large chunk of data to be downloaded by player but it make the new economy system in space a joke. There is already an infinite space to gather ore from and as a server get older it would be just normal that the close to planet spot get emptied and you need to get further away to be able to find anything of value,.

Indeed new player spawn should be ideally in unexploited zone so they have a starting chance.

There might be other issue I oversee here, like a planet could be depleted of valid ore, but probably that would take a very long time and that would make the trading station even more valuable for trading once you are force to bring ore/ingots/component from distant asteroid.

If I'm going to get rich by mining gold uranium and magnesium better be it to never respawn and force me to explore further away.

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There are several changes to ore in the world with economy. We use voxel cleaner, but without reverting back material. You will not be able to use one spot over and over. There are changes to amount of ore and size as well, means less ore on asteroids, less ore on planets (especially around stations).


Thank you Filip for the quick reply on this one.

I was unaware of the upcoming change to the ore distribution/respawn and this sound great.

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