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Killing Space Spiders gives reputation to Space Pirates

Thijmen shared this bug 2 years ago

As title says, killing space spiders on the Alien world or its moon will increase your reputation with the Space Pirates.

THIS IS WRONG! Not only makes it no sense for the Pirates to care what you do to the spiders, it also messes up servers: You quickly gain reputation with pirates and makes you likely to get wanted bounties on your head from the other factions.

In other words, killing spiders makes the neutral factions put bounties on you.

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Is it the neutral factions putting bounties on you though, or is it the spiders putting bounties on you?


Causes a lot of problems with npc mods. Should have the option to raise sprt rep no doubt about that; but such an easy way to grind rep when so many ship spawns are sprt is over powered in my opinion.