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Invincibility exploit - tricking safe zone status to remain on the player

Ad Exire shared this bug 2 years ago
In Progress

I have found a way to retain safe zone status after exiting a planetary safe zone. I have not found a way to replicate the procedure at an orbital safe zone, but I have only been messing with it a few minutes. Entering and exiting a safe zone the ordinary way will remove the status. Once the status is on, you cannot shoot/grind/drill/weld but you also cannot take damage. In this way, I expect a team of players could use a safe-zoned engineer to draw all enemy turret fire while the second engineer remains just behind the first, taking out turrets.


1. Stand at the edge of a planetary safe zone.

2. Kneel and hold the mouse button down to attempt to drill the ground. ("Drilling is disabled in safe zone!" message displays.)

3. Sidestep out of the safe zone while still holding the mouse button down. ("You have left safe zone!" message does not display.)

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I have not tested it but using a safe zone with a nearby asteroid would probably work to create a safe-zoned engineer for assaulting vulnerable grids.



Thanks for the report