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Hydrogen Generator Not Turning On

Vito T Galati shared this bug 3 years ago

If i build in creative the hydrogen generator will work however if i build in survival it will not consume nor turn on if an H2/O2 Generator is directly connected with ice or connected through conveyor pipe. It also will not turn on if connected to a filled H2 Tank. This occurs on large blocks. I have not tested on small blocks. I have started 2 new games with the same result.

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Did you have initial energy for the start? Conveyor needs energy to transport first H2 to the engine. Try placing an battery on the grid for an second.


I noticed your image. Your O2H2 Generator is not connected. You can see the conveyor port on the O2H2 Generator is facing forward, meaning that engine is facing an upgrade port.


Yeah that did not change anything however I did just re-did it and what I had to do was turn the hydrogen engine on and off again for it to work. If you get a chance try it out. It cant be place in god mode it has to be welded for it to behave like this. If i use creative its just plug and play it fires right up.

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