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Huge power drain with Cryo Chamber and Oxygen Generator

Meiestrix shared this bug 3 years ago

I think there is a problem with the current implementation of the oxygen generator in combination with a cryo chamer. As a example, I use my earth base for refueling my hydrogen powered ships. Therefore I have 20 oxygen generators and some hydrogen tanks on my grid.

The problem is when you connect a cryo chamber to the same conveyor system, all oxygen generators will run on full power all the time.

That means my 20 oxygen generators are using 10MW just to produce oxygen for one cryo chamber, which is pretty insane.

I have attached a example with just four oxygen generators. As you can see they drain 2MW from the battery with just one cryo chamber.

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Oh, just realized that I have posted this in the "Public Test" section.

This is my fault, the bug belongs in the "General Support" section.


Though archived, I can confirm this bug still exists.

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