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Faction MOD API changes.

fabricator77 shared this feedback 2 years ago
Not Enough Votes

In addition to the obvious additions, Faction vs Faction reputation, are there other changes that were made to make management of multiple factions with interactions easier ?

Thinking especially of checking for pending Peace Requests from one faction to another.

If you are only working with one faction, you have to use a loop to go thru all possible factions and call MyAPIGateway.Session.Factions.IsPeaceRequestStatePending(ThisFaction, OtherFaction);

If you have a mod managing multiple factions, this quickly becomes a mess with two sets of loops to get all possible ThisFaction, OtherFaction.

If you haven't created it, can we please have a Factions method (and Event) that returns a list of pending Peace requests for that faction.

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Hi, no we didnt do any changes like that.

thanks for feedback

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