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Escort contract drone farming

Alex shared this feedback 3 years ago
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During this public test me and one guy I met on test #1 server found a way to quickly get rich. We spawned on Titan, went to space trading station, accepted escort contract. After ship spawned we put a control seat on it and threw it into Titan. Almost every time ship survived the fall. After ship started “flying towards coordinates” the drones began to spawn, but most of them just fell to the ground because they are not meant to fly on planets. And we salvaged these drones. Got some uranium, tons of thruster components, reactor components, e.t.c And this is only for -5 rep for failing the contract. Later we found another way to farm drones: drive the ship into safe zone and turn off its thrusters. This can be fixed by adding more penalties to failing the contract, but also increasing the payment, because it’s too low at the moment (search contracts have same payment sometimes)

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