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Delete Key doesn't visually update text

Mia R shared this bug 3 years ago

When entering a GPS description, the delete key doesn't visually update the text.

To reproduce this error:

  1. Create a new GPS entry
  2. In the description, type some text
  3. Move to the beginning of the text
  4. Hit the delete key a few times (the delete key will appear to have no effect)
  5. Type some more text (the effect of the delete key will become apparent along with the new text)

This was where I noticed this error. It might be a good idea to check other text entry boxes as well (in particular, multi-line boxes).

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I didn't see that one since I was searching for GPS. It is probably the same issue since I would assume text handling is common across many elements.


Happens in all text fields i have tried such as the "Custom" field on lcd´s and in programing blocks "Edit" field.

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