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Datapads disappearing

Timothy Weiner shared this bug 3 years ago

After typing ~2k characters in a newly-crafted datapad and attempting to transport it from the player inventory to inventories which are attached to a player-made planetary station, the datapad disappears and is not visible in the GUI. The mass of the container contents changes, but the datapad is irretrievable. It does not appear, even if you use the search function. This was tested with a large-grid small cargo container (attached to other systems), with a corner armory, and with a bed. In all instances, the datapad disappeared. Closing the game and rejoining the server causes the datapad to reappear in the inventory, but transferring it back to the player inventory makes it disappear yet again.

It's a Nitrado server. Hope this is enough information, sorry if it's not.

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I have the same problem and I'm playing on a keen server (uk2)


Already fixed in the hotfix.

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