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Complicate Hauling Contracts

jeffluke11 000 shared this feedback 12 months ago
Under Consideration

Hauling is too simple right now. You get a single item that fits in character inventory and you simply travel to a destination. There is no danger, nothing particularly interesting to see on the way, and no time to do any mining or major building.

Instead of time limits, perhaps add complications such as periodic attacks from pirates that you must defend the package against. Having a destructible block as the package, or even better, having the package be components that can be lost would make the risk even greater. And if you lose the components being able to reacquire them from elsewhere so you can still complete the contract would be nice.

Another option would be having to acquire the package on your own. Maybe you would get the contract from the station asking to deliver 100k ice to another station but instead of giving the player the ice they have to get the ice themselves if they don't already have it.

Any way to complicate this contract and make it more challenging would be great, however, a time limit really limits the expansions that can be added to hauling.

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