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cleanup too quick

DrakeMithras shared this bug 2 years ago
Not a Bug

Trash removal in single player survival is too quick, i lost two rovers i was building just by flying over to an unknown signal 1.5km away and by the time i returned cleanup has removed the grid that was under construction.

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I would not consider this a bug, because you can always tune the cleanup settings, or disable them at all.


Yes i agree. not a bug, but default settings are not really beginner friendly with them being less than 20 blocks and player distance set to 500 m. At least the distance should be something around 5 to 10 km. The reason being that the average distance of an iron vein is around 1 km, and with that efficiently build rovers or flyers could easily lost with the cleanup.


This is 100% a "player experience" bug -- I'm nearing 4000 hours and it took me a second to figure out "hey, where did my spawn ship go" after I also walked over to get an unknown signal (mine was 2.4k away).

My spawn ship was depowered due to battery damage, but it was still full of components and was just sitting next to my meager station. It was also made of plenty of components as I had added solar panels and extra atmospheric thrusts to use it as a scout vehicle.

In short, I agree with DrakeMithras, the *default* settings should support the case reported here (and experienced by me as well) where I was running off to the unknown signal hoping to score some more parts to finish up my station so that I could repair my damaged battery in my lander / spawn ship.

As a server admin, I appreciate the option to set the world cleanup setting to be ultra aggressive -- but by default, this will ruin the experience for new players.