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Bounty System Questions

Serogate shared this feedback 2 years ago

How does a player get a Bounty removed? I see that Attacking players causes it somehow. I haven't messed with the NPC ships.

Every player I killed attacked me first, a couple of them were relentless and my pirate faction jumped to neutral just from shooting them while they were tossing unwelded blocks at me.

At first it was fun trying to dodge the bounty hunters but its getting old fast.

The only other thing I can think of is a bunch of player were having a bumper ship party at one of the orbital stations, all players, and we thought the server was going down which is why were we having fun buying and smashing our ships. Dose ramming each other in safe zones do something to reputation somehow?

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You can't in this public test.

Unless you see notification about reputation, your reputation does not change.

Thanks for the feedback.