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Bounty Hunter ideas

Serogate shared this feedback 3 years ago
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I think this is a great idea for a system but needs a lot of work.

Playing on NA test 2, I found myself with a bounty after a prolonged session of defending myself from a griefer, and quickly discovered that there was no way to remove the bounty.

So my ideas are:

1) Add a method for the hunted to have the bounty removed by reputation gain.

2) Limit the number times a player can pick up a bounty on the same player at any given time. Thanks to a faction mate I was able repeatedly become worth over 120k in one shot because of him grabbing the SAME bounty from several stations. This seems very exploitable.

3) Simply remove the bounty altogether once some one claims it by killing the player, noone should be repeatedly hunted down (or in my case just giving the kill to others for a test) in an endless loop.

4) If you have a bounty to kill someone you shouldn't gain reputation with the pirate faction. I mean you ARE on a lawful mission to slaughter people after all. Players told me they were raining rep with the space pirates, and I also gained reputation with them when collecting a bounty.

5) If the Bounty system is changed to allow the removal of said bounty, they reward should be increased due to it being a once off thing. The bounty could be based on the target players reputation with the issuing faction for example, the more hated they are the more reward for killing them. I lost reputation with some factions due to what I assume was people "giving" ownership of blocks to NPC factions. Grinding down ships I recovered after they were stolen cost me quite a bit of rep with at least three factions.

I had a lot of fun with the system but as time wore on it became tiresome to constantly have to explain why and how I had a bounty and the fact that the gps maker updated every 30 seconds or so, prevented me from building much more than a throw away base. log back in after work and I was dead with the base destroyed.

I am not asking for the way the gps works to change while the player is online because otherwise people wouldn't be able to do the contracts. However, if the player is offline the gps should have trouble locating the target. I'm thinking kinda like the way search mission work with a gps deviance of some kind, small enough to find the target but large enough as to not make it child's play until they log back in.

Those are my ideas. I hope they help some.

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Thanks for the feedback


17 months later. Not even the infinite bounty loop has been fixed. It's not even gameplay at this point. but downright harassment.

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