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[2nd Public Test] Incomplete blocks become completed and operational in old blueprints.

Mad-Catcher shared this bug 3 years ago

Hello ! Here is a bug with blueprints which is problematic for those who use certain type of blocks as decoration.

Conditions :

  • Modded/Unmodded world.
  • Scripted/Unscripted ships.
  • Creative tools
  • Old blueprints (<1.189)
  • Certain types of blocks (for me, LCD panels without corner declinations)
  • Not displayable parts of blueprint.

Description :

Some unfinished blocks saved in blueprints appeared complete and functional in all parts connected to the main base of a ship by all types of rotors (pistons too ? Not tested)

For example, playing with tanks, incomplete LCDs still incomplete on the main frame, but appeared complete on the turret when they have to appear incomplete.

Note :

This bug not appeared to me on first public test.

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I experienced this bug as well. The Ion thrusters on a projected ship were completed after a subsequent load. As I had not left the planet yet, there was no platinum so they should not have been completed.

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