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Save and Load Customizable Toolbar Presets

Absolarix shared this feedback 19 months ago
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After playing Space Engineers for a long time, I have become accustomed to always putting the various tools and blocks in the game in specific spots across all nine toolbar pages. This means I can fairly quickly flip through the pages and find what I need.

For example, I always set character tools/weapons on the first toolbar, armour blocks on the second, storage/block tools/conveyors on the third, movement blocks on the 4th, power and production on the fifth, and so on. Each block always in the same spot.

However, I need to go through the Toolbar Config menu to set up all nine toolbars each and every time I join or create a new world. This process is a bit tedious and would be made much easier if we could save and load toolbars like blueprints, which we could load up whenever we join a new world.

So in short, a very helpful Quality of Life feature I would like to see is a "Saved Toolbars" section on the Toolbar Config Menu (AKA "G Menu"). This would allow us to save toolbars as presets which we could load to overwrite a specific toolbar, either within the same world or a different world.

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Accidentally posted this here in the public test section when I meant to post it in the main PC section. Please disregard or delete this Topic.

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