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Steam Input STILL Not Working After Two Years

Jordan Sime shared this bug 2 years ago

Hey, I've wanted to use my steam controller to play SE since the xbox release in 2020, yet I still can't. There's some issue regarding how SE receives input from the Steam Input API. My controller is recognized in the in-game settings, and I can enable controller input, however when I do so, the UI doesn't change, and no input is actually detected. If I disable Steam Input for space engineers, my controller isn't detected in game at all.

I would really appreciate this issue fixed because my carpal tunnel syndrome is getting quite bad. I just had to take a 3 month break from the game, and if this issue isn't fixed soon, I might just have to stop playing altogether. This is the only game I really play anymore, I have over 2,000 hours built up over the years and I'd like to keep playing, but I simply won't be able to if I have to use a mouse and keyboard.

The result is the same if I use a world with or without mods. Here is my most recent log file:

First Half: SE Log 22-02-03 1/2 -

Second Half: SE Log 22-02-03 2/2 -

Thank you for your time.

Best regards, nJS

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I concur, I'm using a Wooting analog keyboard which doubles as a keyboard and a controller and I cannot fully utilize all the gamepad axes for full 6-DOF analog flying. I would love to use my axes for lateral flight as well as forward/backward and roll but keep attitude control on mouse, but I always have to sacrifice one of those.

Using Steam input would be useful for this functionality, as well as removing those annoying HUD tips which keep flicking between keyboard and controller controls if you use both at the same time


This issue is unacceptable and needs to be fixed. People don't pay money and expect broken features.

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