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[01.189.029 playtest] jetpack fuel warning percentage is now too low

Nikolas March shared this bug 3 years ago
Not a Bug

bug/feedback, whichever you KEEN guys see it as, set it to it please, dont just mark as 'not a bug'

[01.189.029 playtest] jetpack fuel warning percentage is now too low

this starts at around 8-10%, by the time you hear the end of the message, its is ready for the critical fuel low warning, in space and on moon gravity this wont be so bad. this should be put higher, like 20%, isnt this what it was before?

its a bug, cos i now mistakenly fall out of the sky due to the warning coming too late... yeah that works!

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Jetpack's too late "fuel low" warning is literally "Omae wa mo shindeiru!"

When you hear that "fuel low" warning, it's literally too late. And one "NANI!" second later, you find yourself falling through the sky. It's really big problem, I even think it's a bug as well.

My suggestion: "Fuel low" warning should given when you have no extra H2 bottle left in the inventory. And "fuel critical" warning should be heard twice, first at 50, then at 25.

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