Xbox one Elite Series 2 cntroller additional support.

Karl Sagar shared this feedback 18 months ago

Hi there,

This is a fairly simple request for controller support for the xbox elite 2 controller.

Basically it would be nice to be able to use the additional paddles for up down and strafe control.

I personally use Alt-flight mode so being able to use paddles for strafe and up/down will give complete movement functionality without switching fight function with the left shoulder, which splits up movement and makes it clunky and separated for me (naturally that's needed for standard controllers) but that addition will mean I can have full movement.

As this was my primary purpose for acquiring this controller it would be great to be able to use.

I must say though that controller support so far is greatly appreciated!


KS (Mettamaniac)

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You can enable paddles in steam using the beta client then simply remap them. But It might crash the game, I cant use my Elite at all.