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You’re kidding where the nonsense of such unconsciousness like gyroscopes comes from. Max 2 gyroscopes required, one primary, the other reserved. Contact you with any Roskosmos or Nasa staff, few words to advise that such elementary questions.

Uranium, platinum, such things are found on earth, otherwise there would be no nuclear power plants that, by the way, operate on the basis of uranium. Must be found without flying into space, or ateroid rain.

Asteroid rain is not on earth at all, it is also total nonsense.

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It's a game, not a reality simulation. Everything you described was made from a game-play / balance perspective. Lighten up. Everything in Call of Duty, League of Legends, and every zombie shooter out there is also all total nonsense. Every game that lets you carry more than one weapon is total nonsense (the sort of weapons popular in video games are all extremely heavy). Any weapon that lets you carry more than a few magazines of ammo is total nonsense (ammo is crazy heavy). Reload times are total nonsense, magazine capacities are often nonsense, the range, accuracy and effectiveness of weapons is total nonsense. Good grief, let's complain about every reality-bending aspect of every game, shall we?

Hell, the planets don't move, the planets are insanely small for the gravity they provide, gravity cuts off abruptly at 0.05 G's. The sun rotates around the "solar system." Your character can carry 2000 Liters of stuff. You can mine Uranium ore without getting sick. You can survive in space, in any vacuum, and in oxygen-free atmospheres for a non-trivial amount of time before dying. When you get injured, pushing a button will heal you. When you die, you literally reappear at the nearest spawn point, which might also be 1000's of kilometers away. I could go on.

So, really, you want to complain about game-isms?

The game is the way it is because the designers thought it would be fun. And it is. Is it perfect? No. Does it have flaws? Sure. No game is perfect, and all games have flaws. It's still fun.

You need a nap.