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Husky306 shared this feedback 2 years ago

I'll copy my suggestions from the Steam forums.

This is a sandbox game. It means each of us seeks something different. Some like challenge, some want battle, some do farming, others enjoy building, someone else would explore.

And it takes very different settings. More foes, less foes, no foes. High prices, low prices. Damage from various sources or less damage. Ores we meet. You cannot please everyone. UNLESS you give players all the possible options. I don't mean "make your own game, here's the code". But every time you set a value, add a feature or make a rule, it better be in world creation options.

Sure, it's advanced settings that make all the worlds different and hard to compare. But at least in single player and at least with experimental mode on these should be available.

It's a general solution to many problems and a way to improve the game greatly. People dislike how ores are hard to find or how uranium is not found on planets. Make it. Make all ores possible on planets, then turn all those you don't wish to be there to stone and leave an option to pick which ores can be found on given planet\moon or on asteroids. Make an option for more vivid colors indicating ores. Make an option for ore detector range to be set to X, whatever is safe for computer.

Let players make encounters more or less rare. Let us have more planets of chosen type. Let us decide on richness of ores (amount per rock). Size and speed of everything up to 10000x. It would make the game so much better! We could pick anything we like.

I don't know how difficult it is to make. But please, every time you work on something, try to add a setting for it. The more the better. Again, to not confuse new players, these options should be hidden and only given out when the player accepts the rule "all rules available". It may only work in single player. At least for testing. If everyone loves it, and I'm sure they will, it may be taken to public servers.

Two more suggestions that may also be in options. Deep ores. We have this huge space inside planets that goes to waste. And a starting rover. It's incredibly tedious to build a base where you land. I can land in tundra, in mountains, where ores are impossible to find. I cannot move until I find Co and make a rover. But then it's easier to make a flier. Maybe an option to pick a hard start with a pod and an easy start with rover. (the one used in EEM is a good example, it makes the game so much more fun and less of a torture)

A way to please almost all players. That's my suggestion. Tuning for everything that's not too hard to connect to code values and parameters. Not every single one, just everything that matters. Even if it takes the next update, I'd like to see it one day. Otherwise every change to the game will please a few and anger much more players. That's how it always goes. So here is a solution.

Thanks. And thanks for the wonderful game so far. It's the second DLC that I buy to support the team. I really hope the game keeps developing. =)

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i Like this Idea almost same idea here

this would solve a lots of Issues, my self i think ALL ore is to easy to find. IMO


See! You could have rare ores, I could have them more common. We'd all be happy. And devs wouldn't need to carefully test and balance the worlds. We can do that to our liking. =D

All sandbox games should have more options. Like OTTD or Factorio do. :)


I hope more people vote because I see many feedbacks asking for this and that, always something that being changed will sway the balance and upset the opposition. My suggestions is OPTIONS FOR EVERYONE TO DECIDE what their world will be like. Mostly it's about connecting already existing values to check-boxes and sliders. Then we can make our own tuning from the default settings. And more options can be added in the future.

So, apart from a few "addition" suggestions, my proposition is more wide and general. Huge impact, less work than adding something absolutely new. Devs already make the tuning, manually, through the code. So it will help everyone. I see how every suggested idea on the feedback list could be a part of the OPTIONS. How it allows any ideas to be put into life without the fear of harming the balance. I think it deserves some attention.


I see more topics with suggestions that would only work for HALF the audience. Unless added as OPTIONS.

Also, I see there are changes in the game. I'd love to have my half-slab in the menu of the full block. Right now I have to add another shortcut and switch between them instead of scrolling between block and half-block. Could also be an option, if you for some reason want it this way. LET US DECIDE!!! PLEASE!

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